The All-In-One Platform for Reaching Local Businesses

Resquared gives you the playbooks, templates, training, data, outreach tools, and reporting in one single, easy to use application


Proven, research-based prospecting playbooks that convert

First hand experience combined with analysis of the thousands of businesses contacted every hour through Resquared have led to the development of our customizable playbooks that anyone can adopt seamlessly. This makes high quality, personalized outreach to local businesses easy and low cost.


All of the data, all in one place, ready to use

Finding the right contact can be time-consuming. Backed by powerful data sources, Resquared has email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links for the local businesses in your market. Save your contacts into a list to stay organized, and save frequently used searches to pick up right where you left off.


Leads are just a click away

Our built-in email tools and templates make outreach a breeze. Quickly send businesses an email or Facebook message through Resquared, and replies go directly to your email inbox. Narrow your search even further by excluding specific business types so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Combine this tool with our outreach best practices and watch the leads flow in.


Nail the follow-up

Our Communication Center has everything you need to keep your prospecting efforts organized. See all of your replies in one inbox, mark positive responses as leads, and follow up quickly to get the best results. AI-powered suggestions remove the guesswork from your workflow.


You (and your boss) are going to like this

Say goodbye to manually building reports. Our analytics tool automatically tracks all of your outreach, so you don’t have to. Send weekly reports to your manager for better visibility into all your hard work, and set goals for yourself to stay consistent.

Dedicated support for your whole team

We’re not going to leave you hanging. You and your team will receive one-on-one onboarding, a dedicated customer success manager, access to our knowledge base with workflows and playbooks, webinars on best practices, and more.

Data & Usage

We analyze data points on every interaction that happens within our platform. We’ll update you with platform-specific recommendations and evolving best practices so you can get the most out of your prospecting.

Syncs with
any CRM

Share your contacts directly with your CRM so you can keep track of your relationships, no manual entry required.