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Resquared has everything you need and more to reach local businesses. Contact data on every local business, optimized email and social outreach tools, and step-by-step built-in playbooks. Our platform is powered with artificial intelligence to maximize and empower your lead generation.

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The Best Platform to Reach Local Businesses

Resquared provides sales & marketing solutions to thousands of businesses in different industries.
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Kevin Candish
Asso ciate Transaction manager
The Candish Group
"Resquared has blown me away. I've been able to target and contact more prospects this first week than I ever imagined I could in such a short amount of time."
Terri Cox
Senior VP, Sales & Development
Matanky Realty Group
"Resquared is providing faster, stronger results for targeted use than any other prospecting tool we have seen."
Steve Cunningham
Asso ciate Transaction manager
The Candish Group
“A first full week of using Resquared and the results have been spectacular! From the first email campaign, I have two existing business owners looking at the marketed space.”
Daryl Young
Manager, Kiosk Leasing
Brookfield Properties
"I have started to use Resquared on a daily basis. It is by far the best prospecting tool to identify and locate local retailers."
Jordon Mullen
Birnbaum Property Company
"Hitting the ground running by using Resquared to generate leads and meet my daily goal of exposure to prospects. Not only is it easy, it is efficient; 10/10, would recommend!"
Quinn Cleveland
Commercial Real Estate
Structure Commercial
"Thank you Resquared for making prospecting and cold calling a simple and easy task with just a click of a button. Ive used it for a few days now and I am very happy with the results. "
How FNRP optimized lead generation with Resquared
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Consistency wins. That’s what many successful entrepreneurs cite helped them make it big and it’s also what many of our customers have told us have made a huge difference in their prospecting. One Resquared customer that is absolutely nailing their prospecting strategy is Fred Battisti, Managing Director and Head of Leasing at First National Realty Partners... read the full article
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