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Regency Centers
Regency Centers

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“I just love your platform. I literally set up my whole week in 30 minutes. And I just let it send it. It's awesome.”

Service Provider
Joe Knopp, Founder at Quiet Box

"We just had our best sales month ever, and I need to thank Resquared and their customer success team. We've seen a 20-30% growth compared to the previous months, all thanks to using Resquared's prospecting tool to find great local businesses to work with in our marketing campaigns."

Marketing Agency
Mike Stewart, Founder at Rise Local

“After just one week using Resquared, I got 3 deals in less than 30 minutes.”

Laundry Services
Devin Morris, CEO at GoGet My Laundry

Resquared has blown me away. I've been able to target and contact more prospects this first week than I ever imagined I could in such a short amount of time. I have always been a canvass by the biggest numbers guy. The more prospects I reach the better the odds of getting deals done. My odds have just increased dramatically and I will easily reach more tenants this year than any of my previous 30 years in this great business of ours!”

Commercial Real Estate
Kevin Candlish, Senior Property Manager at SVR Commercial, LLC

“We began using Resquared to fill it and within 3 days, we contacted 40 businesses and had a 60% open rate through the platform. We were very impressed as we had 3 immediate responses from business owners within the first 24 hours, one of which became the tenant, Hollywood Beauty.”

Brian Landru, Senior Leasing Representative at Regency Centers
Commercial Real Estate

“When we send out 500 emails, we got 40 responses. It makes you look super impressive to a landlord. Your certainly cannot reach out to the same amount of volume alone that you can with Resquared.”

Commercial Real Estate
Mara Frumkin, Broker at Atlantic Retail

"We learned about Resquared at a demo during ICSC in December, and it sounded too good to be true. After just a week of using the technology for a property we've struggled to find ideal targets for in Chicago, we now have at least 3 strong leads and are excited to dig in deeper. Resquared is providing faster, stronger results for targeted use than any other prospecting tool we have seen. It's a great option to help us save time and be more focused with our leasing efforts.”

Commercial Real Estate
Terri Cox, Senior VP & Director of Brokerage

“Thank you Resquared for making prospecting and cold calling a simple and easy task with just a click of a button. Ive used it for a few days now and I am very happy with the results.”

Commercial Real Estate
H. Quinn Cleveland, Real Estate Manager at SCALE

“I have started to use Resquared on a daily basis. It is by far the best prospecting tool to identify and locate local retailers. If you get stuck on the platform, their team is always available for support!”

Commercial Real Estate
Daryl Young, Manager at Brookfield Properties

“A first full week of using Resquared and the results have been spectacular! From the first email campaign, I have two existing business owners looking at the marketed space. Plus, I have a third business owner who wants help with finding a third location in their target area, we meet on Monday! The time savings you get while prospecting and the increase in results have been very impressive.”

Commercial Real Estate
Steve Cunngham, Commercial Real Estate Broker

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