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Reduce time spent on manual tasks from hours to minutes. Resquared streamlines the prospecting process with data on every local business built into a powerful marketing automation platform. Find businesses, contact decision makers, and generate leads in just a few minutes.

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Receive full access to every prospect in your market. Resquared's data-driven training, templates, and playbooks make it easy for anyone to get in touch with thousands of local businesses. Our clients generate ten times as many leads per hour of prospecting.

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Prospecting powered by Artificial Intelligence

We analyze data points on every interaction that happens within our platform to give you the insights you need to get the most out of your prospecting. Case studies prove our templates and playbooks generate higher open and response rates.

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Resquared has blown me away. I've been able to target and contact more prospects this first week than I ever imagined I could in such a short amount of time. I have always been a canvass by the biggest numbers guy. The more prospects I reach the better the odds of getting deals done. My odds have just increased dramatically and I will easily reach more tenants this year than any of my previous 30 years in this great business of ours!

Kevin candlish

The Candlish Group

A first full week of using Resquared and the results have been spectacular! From the first email campaign, I have two existing business owners looking at the marketed space. Plus, I have a third business owner who wants help with finding a third location in their target area. The time savings you get while prospecting and the increase in results have been very impressive.


EDGEMARK Commercial Real Estate

We believe that any problem can be solved with the right team and technology. Resquared has helped us solve for outdated prospecting techniques by providing an automated, nimble solution for local and nontraditional tenant prospecting. Innovation is one of our core values, and we are thrilled to be onboarding Resquared’s latest technology. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our team.


DLC Management Corporation

Resquared keeps our team much more organized. It has been such a relief to step away from the Excel sheets and have one place to track our prospecting efforts. Another great impact from this is that there is no duplication of efforts – so no time wasted!”

Patricia Zafferese

Urban Edge Properties

This takes prospecting/canvassing to a different level. Allows me to reach relevant users in a quick period. Feedback and meeting generation has been very beneficial from the Resquared platform.


The Shopping Center Group

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Reach hundreds of local restaurant, retail, medical, and office tenants in minutes. Build your pipeline, and save time doing it.

CRE Brokers

Spend more time closing deals and less time on admin tasks. Get more listings, and save time on building reports.


Reach more local businesses who need your services to help them grow.

Commercial Insurance

Contact businesses and get them the coverage they need to protect themselves.