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Myles Stepner

EnCore Capital Management

"Resquared pretty much has it all, so I have to do virtually no work outside of Resquared to get the information that is helpful to me in my prospecting."

Patricia Zafferese

President of Specialty Leasing at Urban Edge Properties

“Resquared keeps our team much more organized. It has been such a relief to step away from the Excel sheets and have one place to track our prospecting efforts. Another great impact from this is that there is no duplication of efforts – so no time wasted!”

Daniel Gardner

Weingarten Realty

"Prior to Resquared, we were reaching 40 businesses tops per week. Now, the number of businesses I can hit each week is unlimited."

Jack Scribner

WS Development

“Resquared eliminates all of the time waste from prospecting and has all of the information we need at our fingertips.”

Bobby Mendenhall

WS Development

“We’re all about efficiency, so if I don’t have to go out into the field and spend an entire day chasing down potential tenants and making introductions, I’d prefer not to. So, if I can send 50 emails in 5 minutes and make it seem like it's catered to that specific tenant, I’d much prefer to do that rather than spending 8-10 hours on the road.”

Ashley Selers

Phillips Edison & Company

“Once we saw the email component of Resquared, we all had to pick our jaws up off the conference room table, because we were amazed at how easy it was, and the information that was there.”

Ron Iemma

Gumberg Asset Management Corporation

"Recently started utilizing #Resquared's platform. Tyler was great with providing background on all the benefits for local/regional prospecting on the kickoff call and Maureen has been extremely helpful with both the on boarding process and also very quick(and enthusiastic!) when responding to any/all questions that we raise. Very supportive group and we've already deriving a benefit, one week in! I highly recommend to all looking for both an effective and quick way to reach the local community."

Corey Cross


“I love Resquared because the built in training and support helps tackle any questions that come up. I'm getting in front of potential clients each time I use the program.”

Barry Williams

Urban Edge

“It's absolutely an amazing tool that allows you to connect with local small businesses.  The interface is user-friendly and it allows you to track your activities.  Three very good reasons why I would highly recommend this application.”

Michael Rovitto


“So much more effective than cold calling.”

Stacie Malinowski

Urban Edge

“Resquared is the only small business canvassing tool out there, making it easy and actionable for us to target, find and connect with potential small businesses to bring into our properties.”

Johnathan Ortner

Garner Group

“Great software for commercial leasing!”

Etan Tammam

Midtown Commercial Realty

“Great resource for anyone in Commercial Real Estate.”

Sarah Phelps

Centennial CRE

“I love having all of the data and outreach capabilities captured in one platform. The ability to export contact information and records is great.”

David Roth

Kin Properties

“It’s a like having a gym membership that you actually want, the more you use it, the better the results!”

Daryl Young


“I have started to use Resquared on a daily basis. It is by far the best prospecting tool to identify and locate local retailers. If you get stuck on the platform, their team is always available for support! Thank you Ryan Mortensen for all of your help!”

Jessica Secreti Park


“Day 1 of using Resquared and I love it! It's quick and easy to use. This is going to be a daily practice, for sure! Thanks Maureen and the entire team!”

Ben Terry


“Impressive tool. We already received 2 emails from Martial Arts tenants.”

Laura Pozarny

Muselli Commercial Realtors

“Resquared has made it very easy to market our properties to a very tailored audience based on the location and business type. We have had a lot of responses to our emails, nothing has converted yet but any new lead is a win!”

Bobby Mendenhall

WS Development

“Prior to Resquared, I would have about 2-4 meetings a week with potential tenants in person. Now that I am using Resquared, I am easily getting 5 or more a day. I think it’s pretty telling being able to up my meeting capacity to 5 a day, and I’ve since shared these impressive stats with executives at the company and they were more than thrilled that this is working.”

Maddie Netter

Peterson Companies

"I've found that Resquared has opened us up to people we usually wouldn't even think of."

Dustin Marks


“The most effective leasing tool I’ve come across in my 13-year career as a retail real estate broker. It has been a huge time-saver.”

Bobby Mendenhall

WS Development

“I love how Resquared allows you to know how many times your emails have been opened. So, if someone hasn’t got back to you but they’ve opened your email 4 or 5 times, that could be a good indicator that it could be worth visiting their business in person.”

Alexie Fonseca


“Everything is freaking awesome with it. Having lots of conversations with different responses I’ve received”

Ashley Selers

Phillips Edison & Company

“What’s nice is you have a map on one side, all of the tenant contact in another, and for me I love how it’s easy to use, everything's right at your fingertips, and the net you can cast out to see how many people are interested in is such an easy, helpful, beneficial tool.”

Colin Finn

Patriot Holdings

“There is no doubt it is a valuable arrow to have in one’s quiver”

Vicki Winter

DLC Management Corporation

"Very good customer service"

Chris Rogers


“The software has been great, second only to the onboarding team.”

Kenny Berlin

Lendio Local

“Convenient way to email market new customers in difficult to find industries like restaurants, retail, etc.”

Kevin Wittenauer

Mainstream Commercial Group

“User friendly, immediate results, and great folks to work with.”

Kevin Buth

Global Fund Investments LLC

“​​Awesome software excellent support hands-down spot on badass all the way around.”

Adam Moncayo

Urban Edge

“The website is very easy to learn and has so many tools to aid in outreach.“

Debra Kubitschek

Christianson & Company

“It works!”

Aaron Gadiel

Gadiel Group

“Great resource and tool to reach independent business owners.”

Shawn Johanson

SONA investments

“The email feature has been great, love the integration with Facebook.”

David Perlmutter

Quantum Listing

“It is the best canvassing tech available.”

David Cobb

Archon Commercial Advisors

“The search and prospecting functionality is top notch!!! It's been a phenomenal asset for our team!!!”

Karina Garcia

Game Properties

“Love Resquared! I had a showing this week as a result of prospecting using Resquared.”

Deirdre Delaporte

Tricor International Realty Co

“We have been using Resquared for prospecting local tenants, and the response has been great!”

Sheila Suhar

Hybridge Commercial Real Estate

“Things are going well! The program has proven to be a very useful tool as it definitely has made prospecting easier and more efficient.”

Courtney Bruehl

Weingarten Realty

"Prospecting before Resquared was painful...I spent hours doing what we can do with Resquared within minutes, it has been complete night and day"

Jordon Mullen

Weingarten Realty

"Across the board overall, the data has been super consistent and really helpful to all of us"

Jack Scribner

WS Development

“I really appreciate the versatility of Resquared’s platform and all of the different ways that you can contact local businesses. There’s email, phone, and Facebook Messenger which can all compliment in-person canvassing.”

Patricia Zafferese

President of Specialty Leasing at Urban Edge Properties

“I think the biggest benefit to Resquared is that it frees up our time. Prior to using Resquared it would take my team a week straight plus hours out of every day to reach 100 businesses. With Resquared, we can reach 100 businesses in a matter of ten minutes or less. It’s been incredible to see our productivity increase significantly and that we are reaching more businesses than we ever could have imagined. The platform has seriously saved us countless hours of time and has allowed us time back to focus on how we can do better and get ahead of our peers.”

Daniel Gardner

Weingarten Realty

"Resquared helps you get the exact tenant you're looking for, it's essential to be able to target for specific uses."

Fred Reynolds

Phillips Edison & Company

"I believe in my heart that Resquared is a grand slam of a product and would be a huge asset to anyone in the industry."

David Gordon

Phillips Edison & Company

“Great tool for prospecting. I really enjoy the efficiency, and Maureen is a great point of contact.”

Corey Cross


“I love Resquared because the built in training and support helps tackle any questions that come up. I'm getting in front of potential clients each time I use the program.”

Myles Stepner

Encore Capital Management

“Great customer service and a tangible determination exhibited by the ReSquared team to make improvements that justify it's value.”

Paris Patrick


“Easy to use, effective, great customer service. 10/10 would recommend.”

Joe Lane

Jeffrey Realty

“I think the program is great! Makes reaching out to mom and pop tenants much faster and more efficient with one database all in a bundled program. I would recommend it to all retail leasing brokers."

Brian Sheehan

Phillips Edison & Company

“Resquared makes it easy to find and connect with those businesses that might have an interest in leasing a space in one of our shopping centers.”

Michael Demaio

Southeast Retail Group

“Very simple platform that saves a lot of time when prospecting. I've gotten a lot more leads and spend less than half the time I used to prospecting. Also great customer service and training to get started.”

Amy Kennedy

The Shopping Center Group

“​This takes prospecting/canvassing to a different level. Allows me to reach relevant users in a quick period. Feedback and meeting generation has been very beneficial from the Resquared platform.”

Sarah Phelps

Centennial CRE

“My favorite thing about Resquared is the ability to reach local retail leads quickly and keep them organized in one user-friendly interface!”

Janet Galvin

Archon Commercial Advisors

“I am a huge fan of Resquared! I had my orientation last week, and I have already sent out over 50 emails and generated six great leads! The software is very simple to use, and my team over at Archon Commercial Advisors is already loving it. Super thrilled to see how fast I will lease the rest of my vacancies. Thank you Resquared team!”

Roxanne Klein

Progressive Real Estate Partners

“Thank you Tyler Carlson and the Resquared team for your awesome leasing tool. This month I was able to reach 905 businesses. Kudos for developing such an amazing commercial real estate service.”

Adam Matloff

DLC Management Corporation

“I just started using Resquared after a little hiatus and I'm not sure why I stopped, it makes prospecting fun and seamless. If you haven't booked a call with Ryan you are behind.”