What is Resquared?

Resquared is an all-in-one sales platform for reaching local businesses. We offer data on over 11 million small businesses in the US and Canada as well as a suite of AI-powered email and social media messaging tools.

Who uses Resquared?

Teams who sell to small and local businesses use Resquared. Often this includes commercial real estate teams, economic development councils, marketing agencies, commercial insurance agents, and more.

How do I find business owners?

Backed by powerful data sources, Resquared helps you find local businesses in any industry in the US and Canada. Search for businesses with terms like “coffee,” “nail salon,” or “yoga,” you can also search by distance, location, or review scores. It’s really that simple.

How do I contact business owners?

Quickly send businesses an email, Facebook, or Instagram message directly through Resquared. Use the automated email template and customize with AI for a more personal touch. You’ll be able to see when a business opens your message, and all replies go directly to your email inbox.

How does Resquared keep me organized?

Organize your prospects into customizable lists and save popular search terms like distance, number of locations the business has, and what type of contact information is available. You’ll be able to pick up prospecting tomorrow right where you left off. 

What kind of reporting features are there?

The Resquared reporting tool shows how many businesses you’ve contacted, your email open rate, which industries you’re reaching out to most, and which channels you’ve reached out on. Challenge yourself with daily goals to stay on top of your game, and send reports to your boss so they know you’re crushing it.

Does Resquared replace door-to-door canvassing?

We believe Resquared is a great tool to use BEFORE you start in-person canvassing. Find out which businesses are interested in expanding or relocating first, and then go meet them in person. Resquared provides all the location information you’ll need to get there, and the business owners will already know you’re coming.

What if I need help?

Resquared is part of your team! We’ve got a dynamite Customer Success team available to help whenever you need it and they will ensure you are comfortable and successful within the platform. They can assist you with any platform questions, share industry knowledge and best practices, and give you specialized prospecting tips so you can be more effective in your outreach. They’re also super-friendly and easy to talk to, you might just make a new friend!