Leveraging AI Snippets to Personalize Your Emails for Better Engagement

Leveraging AI Snippets to Personalize Your Emails for Better Engagement



Emily Armando


August 24, 2023

In the fast-paced world of digital communication, standing out in an overcrowded inbox is a challenge. The secret weapon? Personalization. 

Dive into the innovative world of AI Snippets, a game-changer feature to make your emails more impactful!

Why Personalized Emails Matter:

The era of generic emails is behind us.

Tailored, customized communication ensures better engagement rates, making it imperative for businesses to adapt and evolve to stand out. 

This is where our AI Snippets feature steps in, bridging the gap between generic outreach and personalized communication.

Understanding AI Snippets:

At its core, AI Snippets is a revolutionary custom text option, designed for users to customize their email templates. 

By simply adding a simple placeholder tag - [ai_snippets], your email template gets an instant upgrade. This tag is seamlessly replaced with content meticulously tailored to the business you're reaching out to. 

Want to see the magic in action? Take a peek at our transformed email template and witness how a mundane template morphs into a customized outreach tool.

Email before the AI Snippet added to it.

Email with AI Snippets.

The Resquared research team has found that personalized AI snippets can increase the response rate by 50%. 

How AI Snippets Elevate Your Email Game:

1. Simplicity: Draft your email template and insert the [ai_snippets] placeholder text wherever you envision personalized content.

2. Automation: Initiate the email sending process, and watch as the placeholder text metamorphoses. It gets replaced with finely crafted content, designed to resonate with your target audience.

3. Relevance: Each snippet is tailored to suit the specific business and outreach type, ensuring your emails are always on point.


In an era where personalization reigns supreme, AI Snippets is the ultimate tool to enhance your email outreach. 

Whether you're prospecting for retail leasing opportunities or reaching out to potential clients, infusing a touch of AI-driven personalization can make all the difference. 

Embrace AI Snippets and watch your engagement rates soar!

Interested in more AI-driven tools to optimize your business communication? Schedule a demo with our team to dive deeper into our resources and stay ahead of the curve.


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