How Weissman Corp used Resquared to Win 3 New Tenants in a Down Market

How Weissman Corp used Resquared to Win 3 New Tenants in a Down Market




July 25, 2023

Before discovering Resquared, Jason Vorchheimer found the process of trying to find tenants for Weissman Corp’s properties across the US a bit frustrating, as he was forced to use traditional leasing brokers who were not always attentive or overly motivated, especially for Weissman Corp's smaller vacancies.

For some of Weissman Corps locations, the tough retail market made it challenging to attract corporate big-box tenants, leading Jason to explore new avenues and consider local mom-and-pop stores. Even with these efforts, though, finding suitable tenants required a ton of manual work or big leasing broker fees.

Discovering Resquared for Small Business Prospecting

When Jason found Resquared at ICSC, he thought it could be an interesting new way to reach out to potential tenants he wouldn't otherwise encounter. Jason embraced the philosophy Resquared preaches of emailing as many prospects as possible each day — knowing the key to success is all in the numbers.

The Power of Quantity and Outreach

Jason's daily outreach became the foundation of his Resquared success story. He focused on emailing at least 100 prospects a day, targeting those in the retail, food, entertainment, and other relevant sectors for Weissman Corp.

Jason eventually found that it wasn't necessarily about crafting the perfect email but rather making the initial connection with as many people as you can and sparking interest in potential tenants.

"I realized that getting it out to as many people as you can will get you the desired results. It's a numbers game."

Finding Local Tenants with Resquared

Jason signed his first deal through Resquared with an ax-throwing business in Ohio. This marked the beginning of his expansion into new markets, such as Michigan and Chicago. 

His persistence in reaching out to numerous prospects paid off, leading him to secure deals with a Village of Shiny Stars, a daycare in Roseville, and Hour of Change Fitness, a gym in Chicago.

In fact, Jason’s already in talks about setting up Hour of Change's owner with a second location in Ohio. 

Village of Shiny Stars
Hour of Change Fitness

The Value of Resquared

For Jason, Resquared proved to be an invaluable tool to get tenants in a challenging retail market. The platform enabled him to reach out to potential tenants who were open to exploring new opportunities or relocating to a different location.

Jason said Resquared's simplicity and direct approach of email communication to be highly effective, allowing him to focus on connecting with prospects without getting overwhelmed by additional or unnecessary features.

Resquared is a great tool. You reach a lot more people and get to the people that you wouldn't normally get to.


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