Paramount Realty Signs Two Local Leases using Resquared's Targeted Prospecting

Paramount Realty Signs Two Local Leases using Resquared's Targeted Prospecting





April 3, 2023

Finding the Right Tenants for Paramount's Small Business Spaces

Back in January of 2022, Jason Fox joined Paramount Realty as a Leasing Director. The firm had recently purchased a large portfolio of shopping centers, and while these centers maintained a high occupancy rate, Jason was tasked with filling the more challenging remaining vacancies with local, mom-and-pop tenants.

However, finding the right tenants was proving to be a challenge. Jason spent a lot of time on Facebook and in-person canvassing trying to reach decision-makers of potential tenants. That was until Nick from Resquared reached out.

Personalization and Avoiding Spam: Tips for Effective Prospecting

Nick showed Jason how Resquared could help them reach decision-makers and get responses quickly. The Resquared team worked with Jason to understand the kind of tenants he was looking for and how to craft targeted messages to cut through the noise. They helped him avoid words that could trigger spam filters and focused on creating personalized subject lines and email bodies. They also provided simple tutorials that helped Jason create more targeted and effective messages.

"Resquared seemed like a really streamlined platform that could help me get directly to the decision-makers for mom-and-pop tenants."





Getting the Right Contact Data for Mom-and-Pop Tenants

With Resquared, Jason was able to find tenants for two tricky vacancies that lacked visibility behind a Fresh Market grocery store. He quickly found a local medspa looking to open a new location that led to his first signed lease!

He also found smaller restaurants, like poke bowl and acai bowl concepts, that were perfect for his second vacancy. The hit rate and response rate for his messages were high and with Resquared, it was easy for him to make the messages specialized and targeted for his potential tenants. He eventually a local acai bowl chain which led to his closing his second deal.

"We got a ton of quick responses. Even if it was a no, they might tell us their lease expires in a year or two, which is great for lead generation in the future."

Pairing Canvassing with AI Prospecting

Since partnering Resquared, Jason has learned that pairing digital and in-person outreach is key when prospecting. While face-to-face canvassing is still important, taking advantage of technology and email are becoming increasingly critical. Jason is a fan of Resquared's Smart Template feature which uses AI to help users avoid targeted spam words and write subject lines that grab the attention of potential tenants.

"I definitely have to do less in-person canvassing now that I have Resquared. Once I get a hit, I'll offer to meet in person or talk on the phone for a more personal touch." 

Jason's Favorite Local Businesses

When asked about his favorite local businesses, Jason mentioned Diane's Water Ice, a seasonal favorite that his kids love, and Evan's Cards and Collectibles, a mom-and-pop store that specializes in sports cards collectibles.

Resquared is proud to help Paramount Realty find the right tenants quickly and efficiently. With targeted messages and personalized subject lines and email bodies, Jason has been able to reach decision-makers directly and get speedy responses.


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