Resquare is one of Y Combinator's Top 100 Marketing Companies and Top 77 Proptech Startups

Resquare is one of Y Combinator's Top 100 Marketing Companies and Top 77 Proptech Startups



Tyler Carlson


February 2, 2024

Resquared has achieved a remarkable milestone: we’re one of the Top 100 Y Combinator Marketing Companies and one of the Top 77 Y Combinator Proptech Startups!

This means a lot to our entire team, and it’s more testament that we’re on the right track with the hard work and dedication we pour into serving our customers the best way possible every day.

We're proud to be a part of this exclusive group of companies that are at the forefront of shaping the marketing and proptech industries.

More about Resquared: the best platform for selling to local businesses

We understand the challenges that B2B sales professionals face when trying to reach local business owners who aren't present on traditional platforms like LinkedIn. 

That's precisely why we have the 60% of companies not on LinkedIn. We provide information about local owners that you may be struggling to find, and our messaging tool can facilitate direct connections with them.

Our goal is also to alleviate the hassle that local owners often experience due to low-quality spam and intrusive call centers. 

This is why our strategy aligns with being the best platform to reach local owners and adopting the most effective approach to provide value to both salespeople and local businesses. 

Our AI-powered automated email and social media messaging tools, in combination with data-driven templates and sequences, empower sales teams to establish meaningful connections with local businesses. 

We offer world-class training and support, with a team of experts ready to assist every step of the way. We firmly believe that small businesses deserve high-quality, tailor-made solutions, rather than generic spam or cold calls.

Check out our main features:

Data on over 10 million local businesses

Say goodbye to hours spent searching for contact information! With data covering the US and Canada, Resquared provides continuously updated contact data, ensuring you can connect directly with businesses quickly and efficiently.

Email Prospecting Made Simple

Our email prospecting tool follows industry-leading outreach best practices, resulting in incredible prospecting results. Outreach through Resquared yields 2x the open rate and 10x the conversion rate compared to industry standards.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

With Resquared's Pipeline Management, we help you integrate every stage of the sales flow, from discovery to winning your deal.

Review Your Outreach Analytics

Keep track of your outreach effortlessly with our analytics dashboard. It automatically tracks all your messages, stores them, and keeps them organized. Send weekly reports for better visibility into your results and set benchmarks for continued lead gathering.

Connect Through Social Media

Prefer reaching out to businesses through their social media pages? Resquared offers information on local businesses and their social media profiles, allowing you to connect with potential leads in multiple ways.

Advertise Directly and Locally

Run B2B ads targeting local business operators directly with our Facebook Ads tool. Utilize our extensive database of over 10 million local businesses for unparalleled targeting. Pay only for the cost of the ads, and we'll handle the setup, notifying you once the leads start rolling in.

We cater to various industries, including Commercial Real Estate, Insurance Agencies, Marketing Agencies, and Service Businesses. Thousands of sales professionals are already using Resquared to acquire more qualified local business leads.

If you're looking to connect with local businesses and enhance your prospecting efforts while closing more deals, don't hesitate to schedule a demo with our team.

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