Revolutionizing Local Community Sales with Gary Ayd, Owner of Cave Talk Radio

Revolutionizing Local Community Sales with Gary Ayd, Owner of Cave Talk Radio




August 29, 2023

For a one-person operation like Cave Talk Radio, scaling local direct sales efficiently has been the ultimate challenge.

Gary Ayd, the founder who manages most aspects of the business himself, was seeking out ways to streamline attracting businesses from the local community to advertise on his radio station.

Local Sales Efforts Before Resquared

Gary had experimented with various tools, lists, and marketing solutions in the past, but none of them quite fit the bill for his specific needs.

Most tools were designed for larger corporations or lacked the localization required for targeting local businesses. Gary needed something that allowed him to connect with businesses within a specific geographic radius — for him, Hudson Valley, NY — and automate the process to save time.

Finding Resquared for Targeting Local Businesses

Enter Resquared. When Gary came across our ad on Facebook, his curiosity piqued and he decided to explore our capabilities to simplify his local sales efforts.

What drew Gary to Resquared was its unique ability to target businesses within a defined geographic area, allowing him to zero in on the local community he aimed to serve – Hudson Valley, NY.

With Resquared's technology, Gary could easily scan businesses within a specific radius, filter the results based on criteria like non-chain status and business type, and obtain valuable contact information, including emails.

The icing on the cake was Resquared's email outreach and list-saving features. Now, instead of spending an entire day gathering leads, he could accomplish the same task in just 15 minutes.

Before Resquared, I had to buy a list (which was always real hit or miss), look up a business’s information, reach out to them on Facebook — it would take me all day to do a hundred leads. Now I can do that in 15 minutes every day. It's awesome.

Accomplishing his First Local Deal

Gary emphasized the importance of volume, tenacity, and consistent follow-up.

His approach was to use Resquared as a means to set up appointments, whether in person or virtually, and engage potential clients directly. This personal touch allowed for deeper connections and a higher likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

And the results were promising. Through Resquared, Gary found the owners of a local restaurant called Carter's Restaurant, which became a paying customer after a series of conversations and meetings.

Carter's Restaurant in Beacon, NY

Expanding Horizons with Resquared

Cave Talk Radio's journey with Resquared is a testament to the power of localization and tailored outreach in local community sales. Thanks to the time Gary has saved using Resquared, he looks forward to focusing on the strategic side of his business (like exploring bringing on additional radio hosts) and spending more time on his freelance work.


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