Streamlining Prospecting & Personalization for Blue Butterfly

Streamlining Prospecting & Personalization for Blue Butterfly




June 14, 2023

Denise Browning, a seasoned shopping center leasing professional at Blue Butterfly, has a leasing background spanning over 20 years.

Before joining Blue Butterfly, Denise predominantly dealt with national tenants and had established contacts to lean on within the national retail industry. Blue Butterfly, however, primarily focuses on local and regional tenants — so Denise faced a unique challenge learning how to connect with local tenants upon entering her new role.

In this blog, we'll explore Denise's the challenges Denise faced before using Resquared and the advantages our platform now brings to her team's leasing process.

Robust Data, Personalized Outreach, and White Glove Support

Denise highlights several observations about Resquared that have positively impacted her prospecting efforts:

Access to Comprehensive Information: Through Resquared, Denise can create curated lists and gain valuable insights about potential tenants. She appreciates being able to view information from social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram, allowing her to establish connections and personalize her outreach.

Tailored Messaging: Denise recognizes the importance of personalized messaging in engaging potential tenants effectively. She found that sending generic or impersonalized messages often led to recipients disregarding them as spam. Adding a personal touch and making a connection based on shared interests or preferences improved her response rates.

Training and Support: Denise acknowledges the training provided by Resquared, particularly a webinar conducted with Dan Tartavosky from Lamar Companies on tips and tricks for filling small shop vacancies. She also commends Tara, a Customer Success Manager from Resquared, for her consistent support and check-ins!

Prospecting Insights from Using Resquared

Throughout her experience using Resquared so far, Denise had some notable "aha moments" and key takeaways:

Importance of Personalization: Denise learned that personalizing her messages and avoiding generic outreach improved her chances of getting responses. Understanding the recipient's preferences and tailoring the messaging accordingly played a crucial role in her prospecting success.

Creative Subject Lines: She discovered that subject lines with fewer words often bypass spam filters. This knowledge allowed her to get creative with subject lines, using attention-grabbing phrases related to the specific target audience or available spaces.

The ability to access comprehensive information, personalize outreach, and receive support and training from Resquared has been instrumental in Denise and the Blue Butterfly team's leasing efforts. By streamlining her workflow and incorporating innovative strategies, Denise has discovered the benefits of using a dedicated prospecting tool like ReSquared in her leasing operations.


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