Unlocking Retail Leasing: Case Study with Jason Brooke, MSC Broker

Unlocking Retail Leasing: Case Study with Jason Brooke, MSC Broker




March 26, 2024

Like many commercial real estate brokers, Jason faced the universal challenge of maintaining a robust pipeline of local business operators to demonstrate value to the property owners he worked with. 

“I used to just do a lot of Googling,” Jason reflects.

The introduction of Resquared to Jason's toolkit was a pivotal moment. Its ability to streamline the prospecting process with hyper-targeted outreach made prospecting faster and easier for a busy broker like himself. 

He particularly loved being able to see immediate feedback from potential leads: "And then you have Resquared, and I can send something out and get feedback back from someone like, 'Oh wow, send me some information on this.' You just need that one prospect to really just energize you and get you like, 'I got this. I can do this.'

Jason’s Advice for Success with Resquared

Jason emphasizes that Resquared users should approach the platform as a tool that requires a tailored approach to see the most success. You have to personalize your email marketing and make sure you’re doing consistent outreach and follow-up to see results. 

"This is just a tool. They're setting you up for success. It's how you then take this tool and implement it in your practice, and everyone's going to be different," Jason advises, underscoring the importance of a tailored approach.

“If you get bounce-back emails or emails not found, there are other resources in Resquared. Go to Facebook messenger, go to Instagram messenger. You can't be discouraged… you've got to do some other avenues of those businesses that you want to target.”

Demand Reports Case Study

Jason leveraged Resquared's void analysis tool called demand reports to identify a unique leasing opportunity. 

Faced with the challenge of filling a 2,500 square foot space at Crossroad Plaza in Pennsylvania, Jason ran a demand report in Resquared which revealed a high demand for Indian restaurants within a three-mile radius. 

The analysis also showed a scarcity of Indian restaurants in the area, highlighting a prime opportunity for differentiation.

Capitalizing on this insight, Jason used Resquared to target potential operators specifically within the Indian restaurant segment. His outreach led to a connection with an operator looking for a second-generation restaurant space, who ultimately ended up signing a lease! 

“So I went into Resquared, plugged in Indian restaurant, and boom. Reached out, met with an operator. We toured the 2,500 square foot space. Turns out their term was coming up and in 120 days and they signed the lease on our end cap.”

Looking Ahead: Continuous Growth and Innovation

Jason's journey with Resquared is not just about past successes but also about future possibilities. 

His ongoing dialogue with the Resquared team highlights a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. "They've been awesome. Nick at Resquared and I talk a lot...It's a collaborative effort," he notes, pointing to the evolving nature of the platform and its role in shaping the industry's future.

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